They Say It’s My Birthday!

29 Aug

Yes! Birthday, birthday, birthday!

For the record, I’ve had nearly a gazillion and  half birthdays by now. Okay, not quite that many, but enough to have collected some pretty awesome birthday memories.

My Favorite Birthday Party: This was actually my big sister’s. She invited her entire class to the park and we made homemade ice cream and played games all afternoon. Being the little sister, I got to be there and help crank the handle on the old fashioned ice cream maker. I have never tasted anything so wonderful in my life.

My Favorite Kind of Cake: Cheesecake. Any kind, but mostly pumpkin or strawberry. Oreo cookie is pretty delicious, too.

My Favorite Present: One year, I got an enormous bird cage and two gorgeous zebra finches. Even though they weren’t with me that long, they were the most amazing birds ever. So tiny and soft, and they chirped so adorably.

My Favorite Ice Cream: Plain old vanilla. Or maybe pumpkin spice frozen yogurt. 

My Favorite Party Game: I always loved pin the tail on the donkey. I have no idea why, but it totally rocked my world.

My Dream Present: Books, books and more books. I love books and everything to do with them. Book bags, pens, paper, journals, fiction, non-fiction. I love it all.

My Dream Birthday Party: Camping in the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota with my family. We would spend the day canoeing and hiking. Along the way we would find wild blueberries warmed by the sun. We’d pick them for dessert, then set up camp in time to catch our dinner. We’d squeeze lemon over the top of pan fish (cute little fish like sunnies and blue gills) and wrap them up in tinfoil with a slab of butter before cooking them over the campfire. As the sun set, we’d roast smores and tell ghost stories until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore. Just before crawling into our tents for a chilly night’s sleep, we’d search the stars for the Big Dipper and Orion. My present would be seeing a bear or a moose.

So, enough about me, what is your dream birthday present?

Curious minds want to know.  


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