Cat’s Life

Cat Woods is a kid lit writer with a passion for pirates. Or rather, her pirates. You see, Cat got her start writing for kids the day her Dear Daughter wanted a story about pirates. So, sitting in the living room, Cat began the tale of an unlucky pirate family who had more misfortunes than an ocean has waves.

Every time she thought her story was done, Dear Daughter would beg, “And then what happened?”

What happened was the unfortunate birth of the Wackentoes family: Mama, Papa, Missy, Junior, Petey the Parrot and their peg-legged pooch, Yappy.

It was also the beginning of an author.

From bugs to bullies to boys and beyond, Cat gathers novel fodder (which means ideas for those of you who are not yet authors) from captaining her crew of four children, two dogs and one Dear Hubby.

When she’s not writing, Cat spends time in her garden watching her favorite birds or dreaming of the ocean from her home in land-locked Minnesota.

You can find her books on her website: Cat Woods Books.

Cat likes to present in elementary and middle school classrooms, as well as for library programs and Young Writer’s Conferences. If you would like her to speak at your event, please tell your teacher or librarian to contact her so they can set something up.

She can be contacted at

Happy Sailing!



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