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School, Schmool: First Day Jitters

With school right around the corner, I wanted to pass along some tips for surviving the jitters.

  • Sit toward the front of the bus. I know, it’s super cool to sit in the back, but that’s where the naughtiness happens. Bad words collect like flies around a dead skunk in the backseats, and bullies love to hang out where the bus drivers can’t see them. Sitting in the front usually makes for a safer, more enjoyable ride.
  • Eat breakfast. Yeah, I know, I sound just like your mom. But seriously, food is good for your brain and your body. By eating breakfast, you have a better chance of staying awake in class and acing those tests. It also calms your tummy when a bad case of the nerves hits. Trust me on this, you don’t want to be remembered as the kid who puked in the hall.
  • Locker combinations can get fuddled up in your mind, so write them down on your assignment notebook in pencil. You can always erase them later. Just don’t lock your notebook in your locker! Also, don’t panic. If your locker gets stuck, ask a teacher–any teacher or principal or secretary or janitor. Their job is to help you.
  • Read your assignments and listen in class. If you do those two things, school will be so much easier. Not to mention you will be less likely to get called on without knowing an answer, and everybody knows how embarrassing that can be.  
  • Play hard at recess and in gym. This is the perfect time to get the wiggles out, so give it all you’ve got–even you non-athletes. You don’t need any special skills to burn off the excess energy you’ve built up sitting in class. Besides, the harder you try, the more your gym teacher will like you and the less likely you will be to annoy your teachers by tapping your toes on your desk.
  • Oh yeah, that reminds me: wear deodorant. From about 4th grade on, little bodies start to stink like big bodies. Kids also start to notice who brushed their hair and who didn’t. They also smell who didn’t brush their teeth or who wore the same shirt four days in a row. Hot water, clean clothes, toothpaste and deodorant go a long way in keeping kids close.
  • Be the friend you want others to be to you. Yep, it’s the golden rule of friendship. If you are nice, others will be nicer to you. If you are helpful, others will be more apt to help you. (Apt means likely, as in the chances of others being nice and helpful to you increases.) Having good friends can make school a lot easier and a lot less terrifying.
  • Respect your teachers. Even if you don’t like them, be good. Don’t smart off or ignore them. Be polite. The more respectful you are to them, the more apt they will be to help you open that stuck locker.
  • Above all, have fun. School should be a great place. If it’s not, talk to a parent, a teacher or your best friend’s mom. They can help you figure out what is making school hard and help make it better.

What gives you the biggest jitters in school? Why?

Curious minds want to know.


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