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(Freak) The Mighty Review

In the movie, The Mighty, Maxwell Kane is a seventh grader whose body grew faster than his brain. The kids at school pick on him. They call him names, they push him around, and they threaten to beat him up. Even the gym teacher is mean. All this bullying makes Max feel stupid and worthless.

That changes when the new boy moves in next door–a boy the bullies call Freak. Freak was born with a birth defect. He can’t walk without braces, so he’s learned to live in his own brilliant mind. Once Freak becomes Max’s reading tutor, he introduces Max to the medieval world of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Max and Freak are two misfits who just want to be normal. They both want to be more than what other people see them as. Max has all the physical power that Freak’s broken body does not, while Freak’s got the brains that Max doesn’t realize he already has. Together, they follow a code of honor from the dark ages: A knight proves his worth by his actions.

Just like Freak and Max, we have a choice in the way we treat others. While we can’t make people like us, we can make people feel good about themselves by being nice. We can also make them feel ugly or stupid or worthless.

So, watch the movie, The Mighty. Or, read the book, Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick. I have watched The Mighty twice in one month. It rocked both times. It was easy to see myself in all the characters–even the bullies. I gave the movie four gold stacks because it made me think about the way I treat others and because I love King Arthur.

What actions define you? What can you do to prove your worth? If you have read the book or watched the movie, what is your favorite part?

Curious minds want to know.


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