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What, exactly, is Labor Day?

Good question, holiday friends.

Labor Day was started back in 1885 to recognize the hard work, otherwise known as labor, that Americans did. It became a national holiday on June 28, 1894. It is always held on the first Monday of September. 

Called the “workingman’s holiday”, Labor Day was traditionally a day off of work for most people. To honor the working class, the first celebrations consisted of street parades. Soon, speeches by famous people were added. Now, it’s common to see all kinds of celebrations, including fairs, carnivals and picnics.

When I was a kid, stores were closed on Labor Day. If we traveled, even the gas stations were closed, so we couldn’t stop to use the restroom or get some fuel. We had to shop the day before and pack all our food for any festivities we did. Usually, we went to the beach or a lake and had a family picnic. I loved that extra-special family time that we didn’t get during the rest of the year when my parents had to work.

Now, many stores have sales on Labor Day. Gas stations and movie theaters and restaurants are open to make the day easier and more fun for vacationers. The working class is once again working.

Do you think it’s fair that people have to work on Labor Day? Why or why not?

Curious minds want to know.


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