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How to Beat Bad Dreams

I love dreaming. I love meeting people and having strange adventures. I love flying and inventing amazing things. I love being able to solve any problem. I love being funny and happy and good at everything I do. Dreams grant us super powers and give us things we want.

But what happens when the nightmares hit?

In the second grade, I was bit in the foot by a wolf. It hurt so bad, it woke me up. When I tried to go back to sleep, I kept dreaming about the wolf biting me. This nightmare wouldn’t stop. Finally, I reached out and changed the channel on my dream. I don’t remember what I dreamed about next, but I do know that whenever that pesky wolf showed up, I clicked the remote and turned my dream tv to something else.

This ability is called lucid dreaming. It means you know you are dreaming. It also means you can do things in your dream on purpose.

Lucid dreaming takes practice. First you have to recognize that you are in a dream and not awake in real life. One way to get good at this is to create a dream journal. Keep a notebook by your bed and write down everything you remember from your dream when you wake up. As time goes on, you will remember more and more about your dreams.

Next, try to get your dream self to wave at you. Whenever you recognize that you are dreaming, tell your dream self to wave. If you are lucky, he will. This takes tons of practice and not everyone can do it. But, it is fun to try. In fact, studies show that kids have an easier time lucid dreaming than adults. I think this is because kids use their imagination more often than adults do when they are awake.

Once you get your dream self to move, ask him to do other things besides wave. Have him change the channel from the dream he is in and go to another place with the click of the button. If you don’t like television, you can try something different. Maybe your dream self can turn the page of a book or turn the corner to a different street. I’ve tried them all.

I dream all the time. Every morning I wake up with a new dream to add to my journal. Most of them are goofy or weird, like the time I was an octopus with tiny submarines for babies. Sometimes they are scary. When this happens, I turn the channel and make the bad dream disappear.

Sweet dreams~

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