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Dog Talk: how much do they understand?

We have a tiny dog who looks–and acts–a bit like the monkey on The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. She’s feisty and fun. She also knows when it’s time to “get your boys”, “go outside”, “eat”, or “walk.” She knows “where’s Bailey?” and will head off in search of her pack mate when you ask this question.

She’s not quite a genius, but she’s pretty good at understanding the things that are important to her.

Bailey, on the other hand, knows an entirely different set of words since she never, ever gets to climb in the car and “get your boys” after school. Instead, she responds to things like “where’s your toy?”, “get your ball”, “on your rug”, and “kennel up.”

Our grandma dog, Kallie, would hear the word “naughty” and slink off to the laundry room just in case we were talking about her. The poor thing took the blame for things she never did.

We even had a dog once who would “pick up” her toys and put them in a pile under one of the tables in the living room.

So, just how many words does the average dog know? Dog experts say ruff-ly 165, while some well-trained dogs have been known to learn over 250 words. This means they can understand as many words as the average toddler. That’s a big vocabulary!

What words does your dog know? How did you train him/her?

Curious minds want to know.


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